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About the Course

Competition Novice, Open and Utility classes are continuous, ongoing classes and are open to both members and non-members who meet eligibility requirements. To find out when these classes are held see the Schedule. For more information, contact our Training Director.

NOVICE CLASSES cover all of the AKC Beginner Novice and Novice exercises - Heeling on and off leash (including Figure 8), Sit and Stand for Examination, Recalls/Finishes, and Sit/Down Stays.

OPEN CLASSES cover all of the AKC Open Exercises - Heeling off leash (including Figure 8), Command Discrimination, Drop on Recall, Retrieve on the flat and over the high jump, Broad Jump, and Stand for Examination. Prerequisite: dog must be reliable off leash.

UTILITY CLASSES cover all of the AKC Utility Exercises - Signals, Scent Discrimination (articles), Directed Retrieve (glove exercise), Moving Stand, and Directed Jumping (go outs). Prerequisites: dog must be reliable off leash, as well as having a solid retrieve.

UDX CLASSES are intended for those dogs who have earned their UD title and wish to continue their obedience journey towards a UDX and/or possible OTCH.  It will incorporate both Open and Utility exercises. Prerequisite: UD title on dog entering class.​

To find out when the class is held, see the Schedule. To register online or download an application, click HERE. For more information, email our Registrar or call (610) 941-6394 and leave a message.

Your Instructor

Barbara Doering, Sharon Wendelgass

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