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To make a room reservation, please email date, time
and room requested to

Your rental is NOT confirmed until you receive a confirmation from the room rental coordinator.



  • Rental fees should be paid only for each individual usage date and placed in the brown box above the sign-in table.

  • The room usage fee is $10 per hour per training member with a one-hour/$10 minimum. minimum.

  • The room usage fee for non-training members is $20 per hour per person.

  • Private Lesson Fees: Instructors may use the building or field for private lessons. The fee for a training member or a non-training member receiving a private lesson in the building will be arranged between the instructor and the member.

  • Private lesson room usage fee for training members is the same as listed above. For non-training members and non-members the fee is $20 per hour per person. If a group lesson with one non-training or non-member in the group, the fee is $20 per hour. Field usage fee for outdoor private lessons is $5 per hour.


  • Room rentals can be made no more than two weeks ahead of date desired.

  • When reserving, please indicate how many members will be practicing during each rental time.

  • When you are renting a room for self-directed training, you are renting JUST THAT ROOM, NOT the entire building.

  • No building use during the time of scheduled classes.

  • There must be 1/2 hour between the time a rental starts or finishes and the time of a scheduled class.

  • During non-class hours, members can rent usage of the room in 1 hour intervals.

  • Only instructors who currently teach for SDTC may give private lessons in the building or the field.

  • Private lessons have priority over practice sessions, if the private lesson time has been scheduled.

  • If private lesson time is scheduled and the student does not show up, the building use fee will still be charged. It is the student's responsibility to schedule and to cancel private lesson time except in the case of our instructors giving a private lesson to a non-member, in which case the room must be booked by the instructor. The room fee must be paid unless room is cancelled 24 hours in advance except for weather emergencies or other extenuating circumstances.

  • All persons using the building for lessons or practice MUST sign the waiver sign-in sheet located on the table outside of the office. The individual must fill in the number of dogs they are training and the time they arrive and leave the building.

  • Members are obligated to pay the reservation fee if they are scheduled to use the room and do not show up. If the time is reserved, they are obligated to pay the fee except for weather emergencies or other extenuating circumstances.

  • Outside training must be done in the enclosed field, with the gates secured. No training may be done in either of the parking lots.

  • Training members only may use our field for practicing with their dog whenever there are no classes being held outdoors. There is no charge for using the field.

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