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Which class is the right one for me?

  • If your puppy is between 8 weeks and 14 weeks of age, then the Puppy Kindergarten Class (KPT) is for you.

  • If your dog is over 15 weeks of age and has had little or no previous training, then the Beginner Class would be appropriate. This class is for dogs of all ages that have had little or no previous training.

  • For experienced handlers, and dogs that are already trained in the basics. there are several options:  Manners and More Level 1 or 2, Foundation for Dog Sports, Rally Obedience, and Nosework. For non-members wanting to enroll in any class other than KPT or Beginners, evaluation of the dog and handler by one of our instructors would be necessary.

  • For non-members who are experienced trainers, have previously shown in Obedience competitively, or who have trained elsewhere, 7-week classes are available for Competition Novice, Open and Utility. Prospective students must have an evaluation by the instructor.

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I want to sign up for a class. What do I do?

If you want to sign up for KPT or Beginner Class, you may download an application form.  Please click here for Puppy Kindergarten applications.  Please click here for Beginner applications.


If you graduated from Beginner Class at SDTC and would like to take a class at the next level, submit or download the appropriate application form from the 'Classes' areas of the website.

If you're new to SDTC and you feel you and your dog are at a level more advanced than Beginner, contact us and we will get back to you to discuss evaluation for an appropriate higher-level class.


Are there still spots available in the Beginner Class?

Our Registrar can tell you whether there are still spaces available in the upcoming Beginner Classes. Please send an email with your name and contact information, your dog's age, breed, and desired start date to:

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When are classes held?

Classes are held on weekdays during the daytime and in the evening.

Click here to see our schedule of class times.

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Can I observe a class?

Observers are always welcome at our classes (humans only, please leave your dog at home). You'll need a club member volunteer to accompany you. Click here and a member will contact you to set up a visit. 

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Can I bring my class application to the school?

SDTC is a club run by volunteers, and therefore the appropriate person to handle applications is often not present at the facility to accept applications. All applications for classes must be mailed to the address listed on the application. Upon receipt, our Registrar will contact you.

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I mailed in my application. When will I find out when I can start?

When our Registrar receives your application, they will contact you with a starting date and time. Please allow a little time for them to get back to you; our Registrar, along with our board and committee members, are all volunteers.

If you have not heard back within a reasonable amount of time, go to the Contact Us page and enter your information into the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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Are bitches in season allowed to attend classes?

 Bitches in season may attend all classes EXCEPT Beginners and Manners and More I as long as they are wearing "britches."

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Is the facility handicap accessible?

There is one low step at our side entrance. Several parking spots are also handicap-reserved in the Willow Grove Avenue parking lot. Handicapped drivers are also allowed in the back parking lot.

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Where do I park when I arrive at class?

Our address is: 1011 E Willow Grove Ave, Wyndmoor, PA 19038


Our public parking lot is off of Willow Grove Avenue.  Please park on the paved portion of the parking lot, nearest the SDTC building. Handicapped drivers are also allowed in the back parking lot.

Our zoning agreement states that the back parking lot (Southampton Road access) is reserved for instructors, board members and anyone volunteering at the time of parking.

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What is the difference between a student, a member and a training member?

A Student is anyone who has paid for an individual class.  You pay the fee for the class and attend the class for the aloted number of weeks.


A Member is someone who has completed a class above the level of Beginner, has applied for and is voted in as a Club member and has paid the membership dues. A member can vote at the annual Club meeting, receives the Club's newsletter, among other privileges.


A Training Member is a Club member who has paid the yearly training fee and are able to take two classes for no additional cost during each training session. Training members may take the KPT and Beginner classes for half-price and rent the building for personal training outside of class training.

You may find more information about club Membership here.


Should I become a member, or just sign up for a class periodically?

If you are only planning on taking one or two classes during a year (such as Puppy Kindergarten and Beginners), it may be financially advantageous to sign up for individual classes as a non-member.

Membership is financially beneficial for those who are involved, or are planning to be involved, in dog sports competitions, and/or plan on training at SDTC for a full calendar year or beyond.

Membership is also recommended for those who are willing to become involved in the club, e.g. volunteering in various capacities.

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