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About the Course

Do you have a puppy or new dog that you think you may want to compete with?  The Foundation for Dog Sports class will be introduce your puppy or dog to various dog sports including: Competition Obedience, Agility, Freestyle, Tricks training, etc. This class will lay the foundation building blocks needed before moving into advanced training for any sport

Students will learn to use marker training, how to play with their dog (in a way that's beneficial to both dog and handler), and work on advanced skills such as attention heeling with animation, body awareness, targeting, distance work, jumps and other agility equipment, and retrieving skills. Dog will gain the skills to pass AKC Tricks tests, and Canine Parkour tests, as well as basic fitness and conditioning for sports teams. An emphasis will be placed on building drive and motivation to create happy working teams!

To find out when the class is held, see the Schedule. To register online or download an application, click HERE. For more information, email our Registrar or call (610) 941-6394 and leave a message.

Your Instructor

Kelly Peterson

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