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About the Course

This class is intended for those dogs graduating from M & M I and for members who don’t have a particular interest in competition. The focus is to develop stronger obedience skills in the family pet/companion utilizing marker training. Skills that were started in M & M I are further developed.

We continue to teach tricks and games, work on engagement, drive management, and impulse control. During this process, it is also a goal for handlers to become sensitive to their dog’s state of mind and to be able to manage it in order to get a confident and engaged companion. This class might be a nice option for members wishing to pursue preparing their dogs for pet therapy work. Prerequisite for this class is a Stable beginning of a stand and stay. 

To find out when the class is held, see the Schedule. To register online or download an application, click HERE. For more information, email our Registrar or call (610) 941-6394 and leave a message.

Your Instructor

Jenn Weinik

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