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About the Course

This class is intended for those dogs who have attended M & M II and are ready to advance their understanding of off-leash engagement training and for members who don’t have an interest in competition. It is a goal for the dogs to learn to work reliably off leash in distracting environments, looking to their human training partner over all else. We work on the dog’s ability to stay focused on commands while in a distracting circumstance or environment.

Prerequisites for this class are: good off-leash heeling, good off-leash recall, stand and stay, basic retrieving, sending to/wrapping around a cone, and understanding of target training. Instructor must evaluate/approve dogs moving into this class.

To find out when the class is held, see the Schedule. To register online or download an application, click HERE. For more information, email our Registrar or call (610) 941-6394 and leave a message.

Your Instructor

Jenn Weinik

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