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About the Course

Rally classes are continuous, ongoing classes and are open to both members and non-members who meet eligibility requirements. Rally classes can be taken by those who have completed the Beginners class. Rally Novice, Rally Advanced/Excellent, and Rally Masters are offered as weekly classes. These classes focus on learning the signs for the respective level.


Rally Novice: Dog must be able to walk on loose leash and sit and down on command.

Rally Advanced/Excellent: Must have taken 6 Novice classes and/or received RN title.

Rally Masters: Must have previously earned Rally titles.

To find out when the class is held, see the Schedule. To register online or download an application, click HERE. For more information, email our Registrar or call (610) 941-6394 and leave a message.

Your Instructor

Annette Murphy-Wales, Sue Obenrader

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